What is a VPS server?

When we figured out what a regular server is, it’s worth finding out what a VPS server is. This is the name of the virtual server, which exists on the basis of the physical. That is, there is a very powerful server from which a very small part of its space and power is allocated for you. But it will still be much higher than the power of a conventional computer.

You can do whatever you want with this server. On it you can create sites, store databases, your own data and so on. Nobody limits you in anything, only in the power and location of the server.


There are other types of servers. For example, you can use hosting to store sites. It can turn out even cheaper. But VPS Credit Card servers have huge advantages that are of great importance to the user:

1. Your data and sites will exist at a separate IP address from other users. Hostings very often use the same IP address for all sites;

2. On the VPS server, there is protection against DDOS attacks. These attacks are very easy to execute, but a competent attack at the right time can break the whole hosting. On a VPS server, this will not happen;

3. Complete freedom of action. You can not only store sites, but also any data. You can generally turn your remote server into a place for processing heavy information, it all depends on your needs;

4. There are no restrictions. Hosting limits the user to the number of sites. For example, you cannot post more than 10 sites. There is no such restriction on the VPS server, there is only a restriction on server capacity. 

As you can see, the VPS server has many significant advantages. It offers more features, has better protection, and allows you to completely personalize your data without sharing one IP address for all users.

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