“The common denominator of the universe is not harmony – It’s chaos, hostility, and murder”: Werner Herzog aka Grizzly Man’s quote are the only words in the artwork of Erased from the memory of man. It encapsulates what Watchmaker is all about.

Watchmaker is a rough-hewn American band, emerging from Boston – Massachusetts, that uses the musical language of dead flowers. Erased…, an act of ultimate musical abduction, offers slap-up riffing, a serrated sound and diverse forms of human decline. Brian Livoti’s intoxicated, desperate screams of anguish, specific high-pitched primitive bellows, recur in every song, whether called Bonepile of False AssumptionsInfedility’s Eyestabbing Unease or Lice Crawling Humanity. It makes him one of our favourite vocalists. Fun!!

Prompted by a jagged sound, these movements of chaos, provide austere mayhem in our bones, resorting effectiveness by capturing it during analogue recording sessions. Watchmaker albums are outbursts of pure emotion and uncontrolled thrash. The five gentlemen’s music is not offered by clean, sterile processes and sounds – although we can’t help deeming that Erase had more “production” than the previous ones. The lunatic’s mantras on Erase are often more straight metal influenced, where firstborn kill.crush.destroy drove on a more punked up base (we captivated these Samhain influences persistently). With this sledge, early Morbid Angel even suggested itself, but doesn’t that always happens when we hear filthy thrash and exaggerated, spiky guitar-riffs.

Watchmaker’s extremity lies in its lack of meeting to brain-structures, as it counteracts to its logics and efficiency modifications. It’s a present-centred combo with an impulsive, hedonistic approach to music – one that bashes against every border of rationality and shows many glances of its random viciousness.

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