How to get US citizenship by birth?

Many people dream to become like American people, get US citizenship, and stay there forever. The USA gives us more interesting opportunities than in other countries. You can be any personality and no one will judge and laugh at you. There are many methods to get a Visa for a long time or a Green Card, but it isn’t easy and really expensive, sometimes. We already told you about all ways to get to the USA and today you will know about the last. 

Do you agree with me that is the easiest of the most difficult ways? You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You need to prove your problem in documents only. It is cheap but requires a lot of patience and time. Lately, most requests are rejected because people use such a method to get a Green Card but their problems are not real. They are cheating the US embassy and today all requests for political asylum are being considered in more detail. You should be careful with your words because they should be the same with information in documents. You can apply only if you have a problem with: LGBT persecution, political beliefs, racial discrimination, or religious beliefs. 

How can a child obtain citizenship by birth?

I think everyone knows that if a child is born on US territory, he gets American citizenship and all rights. an exception may be the case when one of the parents is a foreign diplomat. Their children don’t receive American citizenship. Consular rules don’t reject the issuance of visitors visas to women who travel to the USA in order to give birth. Sometimes consular employees don’t want to give a visa for pregnant women because they have special philosophical views. By the way, if you manage to give birth to a child in the United States and he receives American citizenship, you will not have a special status and you will not be able to get a Green Card. It is a myth that parents of a child will get American visas. When the baby is born, his parents can apply for the USA passport. After 21 years only the child can apply for parental immigration. His children also have a right for a Green Card, but citizenship is issued only if the child has been physically in the country for 5 years.

As you can see, immigration to the USA is difficult in most cases but you can provide your child with a good future. You just need to know some details and you can act. Good luck!

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