The powerful impact from Earth‘s eponymous backcatalogue (for a large audience pried open by New York’s Sunn) is displayed by a mutating variousity of individuals and bands celebrating Carlson‘s legacy of dillusion. Gog is another one in the large array of – sometimes compelling – disciples.

Gog couldn’t be considered a valuable processor as they took Earth’s veils of darkness too literally. We’re a bit tired of bands repeating yesterday’s terrors. You know what to expect: slomo low frequency riffing, skimpy drumming, oodles drones, abstract sounds and no voices. Somewhere in between, the album gets a Disembowelment and Corrupted touch, which darkens the sound.

Unless we make no claim to be exchaustic, we say that Gog misses an H to be a true virtuoso. Arrizona’s Gog is wheeling and dealing with another one’s pearls.

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