Choose Your VPS Host in Europe Wisely

More and more entrepreneurs are becoming interested in eCommerce. Bloggers and creators are looking to shift from the platforms that roll out draconic measures and cut their revenue more than in half. All of these people are looking to set up a website, that is usually WordPress-based and not very large.

A Hosting Solution For Your Site

If you’re planning that your site is going to receive more than a hundred sessions a day, and it is highly important that its processing and loading speed stays consistently fast, we recommend opting for a Virtual Private Server solution. With a general hosting, that is shared, resources are pulled in different directions by many users, and the quantity of them that your site can count on in any given moment is inconsistent. When you choose a VPS hosting instead of the general one, you do have to pay more upfront, but you’re really getting value for your money:

  • all of the resources belong exclusively to you;
  • you obtain a dedicated IP-address;
  • the server is under your full control.

It is true, that DPS has similar benefits, but it is much more costly, and frankly, isn’t worth it unless your site is so huge it has to process a couple of thousands of sessions per day.

Which Host to Work With?

But we’re not only encouraging you to get a VPS hosting but choose the best VPS host in Netherlands, if your target audience resides in Europe. Why? Because firstly, it is generally better to pick a host in the location where most of your site’s visitors will come from. And second, by choosing a good provider you ensure that you won’t have any trouble in the long run. 

HostZealot consists of a team of highly trained technical and customer support. They also have well-maintained facilities that will keep your server cared for, safe and secure. And what’s more – right now this company is offering many of the tariff plans on sale, so don’t hesitate to contact these guys and set up the site of your dreams!

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