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Black To Comm

This project’s moniker could  appear very peculiar, but not for those who know the saga of anti-establishment and anti-hippie rock ‘n roll. It’s challenging though, to find other relations to Detroit’s proto-punks MC5. This Teutonic one-man-unit is from


Live in Amsterdam presents an interesting view in Belgium’s finest black metal outfit Lugubrum. Expect a well-practised band, in the shape of its life.


Matter is the building block on which the world is build. In the theory of relativity matter is equated with energy, as it can be transmuted to energy (annihilation) and vice versa. Matter can take different forms


The powerful impact from Earth‘s eponymous backcatalogue (for a large audience pried open by New York’s Sunn) is displayed by a mutating variousity of individuals and bands celebrating Carlson‘s legacy of dillusion. Gog is another one in the large array of –

Drifting Collision

That Drifting Collision with its first (and final) demo enters the small circle of matchless contemporary black metal bands, should be less shocking if you know that this is Killusion‘s new thrill. Drifting Collision by now has already changed its