Matter is the building block on which the world is build. In the theory of relativity matter is equated with energy, as it can be transmuted to energy (annihilation) and vice versa. Matter can take different forms of aggregation, in Blutch‘s case: Doom.

Our silent hope is that 2007 is the year of doom, as we adore slow riffing and subdroning basses. Something is cockshure: Blutch is the best doomband in Belgium and should wave the Belgian tricolore. If somebody knows some better, please call us. But what does that mean on a wider scale. What does Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht mean on a European or worldbase soccerlevel?

The two biggest remarks on Blutch are quite fundamental. Firstly: Materia does not have the production it should have. We really hate the flat CCR-sound that provided so many bands with dullness and defectiveness. We would die to hear Blutch with a Steve AustinBilly Anderson or Steve Albini production. And if not payable: use Pro Tools! Secondly, Blutch is a well-grounded riff-monster that is using the axe of disorder. We once asked if Blutch is “western Boris, less urban Khanate, concrete Earth or sons of Melvins“. The topic can still be questioned, and unless Mon’s finest mangles good ideas and serves a cataract of distortion, the threesome is still outdistanced and doesn’t fire point blank, like the genuine quartet does. For the greater part that can be linked to the incoherence and lack of joining of ideas, which makes it sounds like dummy yet cool cartridges in an overly part of the songs.

Very worth mentioning on their third album are opening tracks Smile / Cut a Hand (full of tension), the Vitus-influenced Burst and the Burning Witch light from Masamune

Although this band is as bursting of energy as a mean uranium enrichmentprocess somewhere around Tehran, we miss the lacking in black matter: the non-optical and non-detectible movements and strains. Blutch is still best frequented on stage.

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