Black To Comm

This project’s moniker could  appear very peculiar, but not for those who know the saga of anti-establishment and anti-hippie rock ‘n roll. It’s challenging though, to find other relations to Detroit’s proto-punks MC5. This Teutonic one-man-unit is from top to bottom uncooperative on planet riff.

Certain composers refuse to accept that music is divided from the environment in which it is created. We assume that Marc Richter, manager from the small Dekorder label and man behind this vigorous project, could be one of them. It  may be the reason why he’s using of field recordings. Inspired and enthused by the Black Forest, somewhere at the periphery of Germany, these field recordings make gratifying delights and derisive strategies, even though we’re not sure whether it is digital or organic input we hear. Very few has been left completely unprocessed, we guess.

Fashioned to get fired up and to be stimulated in his creativity, Richter invited Gregory Büttner, whose breathtaking, moving trumpet glitters on Happy Brown Lego StarRenate Nikolous inserts this attractiveness with acoustic and electric guitars and makes this hymn heading towards gloomy Animal Collective (only link with this band, full stop).

Other songs are faint and sly tone-silhouettes, operating in the dimness and phantom spirit of minimal overtones, slightly moving from dust to dust. Like the unsurpassed orator is perfectly pronouncing and placing his words, Richter is building a sonic universe on the wide scale of instruments from Harmophone and organ to kitchen gamelan and vinyl loops. And unless we think that the first two instruments have done their work supreme, we’re still unsure about the sounds’ origins.

The music of Richter becomes visible via a nostalgic and maybe slightly naïve path, but it does so seemingly purposed and with a confident stance. It gave us an incentive to wander, a trip to console and a codex to beneficence. The music is stifling, decelerating and suffocating, but in a polite way. Must!

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